Emsisoft Enterprise Console 2017.7 released

Emsisoft Enterprise Console 2017.7.0.3152 released. This release includes fixes, enhancements and stability improvements.

  • New: Display  Emsisoft Anti-Malware forensic log (basic logging).
  • New: Changes to Privacy settings related to Anti-Malware Network lookups.
  • New: Behavior Blocker default policy setting.
  • Fixed: Update not functional when GUI has not been started in elevated mode.
  • Fixed: Update is started even if GUI is open.
  • Fixed: Software is not automatically downgraded when the update feed contains and older version.
  • Fixed: GUI does not connect to Server, if debug logs are enabled, in rare cases.
  • Fixed: GUI is frozen during logs database maintenance.
  • Fixed: GUI crash error when Update Proxy configuration is saved after a stop of the service was initiated.
  • Fixed: Occasional exception after GUI close.
  • Fixed: Occasional GUI crash error when navigating to main tabs.
  • Fixed: Server not started occasionally when the Update Proxy has not been started yet.
  • Fixed: Server service hangs when the logs db size is very large.
  • Fixed: Server not started when the backup folder contains an invalid backup.
  • Fixed: Exception when clicking on the heart icon in login form.
  • Fixed: GUI is frozen for a while when closed after the service has stopped.
  • Fixed: GUI client crash after stopping/starting Service.
  • Fixed: Occasional lost focus issue of login dialog.
  • Fixed: GUI becomes not responsive after opening the helpfile (F1) and searching for a particular word.
  • Fixed: Display IP address for Domain computers in the Add computers wizard.

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