Beta Updates, Emsisoft Anti-Malware [Feb, 23, 2010]

Beta update 2010-02-23

a-squared Anti-Malware 5.0 Beta: Fixed problem with saving settings (scheduled scan, etc). Added freeware mode support when license ends. Added feature to configure log size limit in a2updatesproxy.exe

Beta Updates [Feb, 16, 2010]

Beta update 2010-02-16

a-squared Anti-Malware 5.0 Beta: Fixed crash when exiting program while scanning Fixed bugs with main menu behavior Fixed registry traces quarantine bug Several internal bugfixes

Beta Updates [Feb, 12, 2010]

Beta update 2010-02-12

a-squared Anti-Malware 5.0 Beta: Serious updater bug fixed Beta is up again

Beta Updates [Feb, 11, 2010]

Beta update 2010-02-11

NOTE! Because of a serious bug in the updater system, all users who already have installed the first 5.0 Beta build are strongly advised uninstall Anti-Malware completely and reinstall 4.5 to start over again. It can’t update automatically to the next beta build. If you try so, you’ll most likely experience a system crash. a-squared Anti-Malware […]

Beta Updates [Feb, 11, 2010]

Beta update 2010-02-09

a-squared Anti-Malware 5.0 Beta: What is new? The list of changes is quite extensive as you would expect from a new major release. So please be aware that this list may not be complete but is merely a list of highlights. New File Guard: Enhanced real time malware scanning a-squared Anti-Malware 5.0 offers additional real […]