Beta Updates [Jun, 30, 2009]

Beta update

– Anti-Malware/Free/Cmd Scanner: Fixed ADS scan bug in scan engine.

Beta Updates [Jun, 29, 2009]

Beta update

a2free only: – Improved update: Files are transferred packed and crypted now. Reason: Some internet proxies filter and/or manipulate PE files (.exe) and then the update fails. We have switched the internal data format to a crypted and packed file layout to avoid these troubles and save server bandwidth.

Beta Updates [Jun, 25, 2009]

Beta update

– Context menu: Fixed network share scan bug – Commandline Scanner: Fixed error level bug – a-squared Free: Fixed file count bug while scanning – Anti-Malware Scanner/Wizard: Fixed file count bug while scanning – Anti-Malware/Mamutu Guard: Fixed IDS freeze bug  

Stable Updates [Jun, 8, 2009]

Stable update

– Anti-Malware Guard: Introduced new tray icon.